CASINO WAR Game: A Knowhow

CASINO WAR Game: A Knowhow

Casino war is a popular and one of the easy gameplays in virtual casino games offered by mega888. Casino war can be played by minimum of two and maximum of nine players. Among those one person is called as a dealer and the rest are called as players. The role of the dealer is to distribute the cards to the players. The rules of Casino war is very simple and can be easily understand by anyone even you are new to online casino games.


In this game the dealer will give one card to the player.  Another card will be taken from the shoe of preshuffled 6 decks of 52 cards after the placement bet. In this card number two has the lowest value and the ace card is the highest one. Ranks given to the cards are in the same way of poker games.


 To win the Casino war game and earn money the player has to dealt a card of value higher than the card of the dealer. After the placement of the bet the dealer will distribute you a card and the dealer will hold a card for himself. If the player card value is more than the card value of the dealer the player will win. There will be a tie if the player and the dealer get the same card. Then we have two options one is to surrender and the other one is go to war. If  player choose surrender option, then the player will lose half of the amount from his bet and then he will be out of the game. If player choose go to war option, player has to place an equal amount of bet worth of his initial bet and dealer will also add amount equal to the bet amount of the player. In this one the second card will be dealt and it should be highest than the dealer card. If again there is a tie, player will get a bonus amount equal to his initial amount which will be added by the dealer. There is also an interesting bet which is called tie bet. Tie bet has to be placed along with the initial bet. In this tie bet if the player card value is higher than dealer card value then player will get ten times of the bet amount.