Gambler’s Paradise

Gambling has been with Mankind since the earliest days. Since the Cavemen first introduced playing with marked bones in their fire lit caves, almost all the known great civilizations have indulged in some form of gambling or other. But the mighty Chinese have led the whole world in many crucial areas, and gambling is no exception. Thus the first known applications of recorded gambling have been found in China, dated around 2300 B.C. But the Chinese have not only been renowned inventors, but they have also been wonderful adapters as well.

Gambling is largely traditional, but here too the Chinese have excelled in taking over other’s inventions to suit themselves. Card games were mainly cultured in Europe and then the U.S.A., The great gambling card game of Poker have been said to have originated there, and has been known to have the most popular form of man to man gambling in elite Casinos as well as dingy speakeasies, gun fighting saloons, and drunken gambling dens. But it was then picked up by the clever Chinese, who created a form of Chinese Poker. This form of card gambling is now hugely popular all over Asia and South East Asia, and is known generically as Capsa Sasun.

The World of Capsa

This Game is a form of Chinese Poker, which is played with poker hand rankings. The highest card rank is the “Ace”, and going through King, Queen, Jack and Ten, it goes continuously up to a card value of one. In its online form, it is known as capsa boya. Here, there are seven variants of online card games, each variant related to poker. There are two to four players participating online, and the physical distances may be immense, as long as there is Internet. A fifty two card deck is the basis of all the seven games.

The games use poker card rankings, from the Ace of the suit, through King, Queen, Jack, Ten and so on, up to the Singleton. Of these, Capsa Indo is the most beginner friendly version, and is the most popular online in 2019. The balance in this game uses real money, unlike the others. Also, special bonuses are declared from time to time. The game is skill based, and the luck factor plays a lesser part. Initially focused on Indonesia, the inherent benefits have made all forms of Capsa the most popular poker based card game Online everywhere.