People around the world love to play Poker and its many variations. Some people get bored playing the traditional Poker games after a while. Wildcard adds up to the excitement and fun the game offers. That is why plenty of Wildcard Poker games emerged in various sites including ทางเข้าBK8.

Wild Hex Poker

You must have an excellent hand to win this game. A four-of-a-kind hand is the least you need to win in high Wild Hex Poker. A high full house may sometimes win if there are only a few players in the hand. This is usually true if nobody is raising. The nuts or second best hand often wins for low Wild Hex Poker. It is also possible to make a tie with low board cards for low games. The middle card in the board is not a wild card that players can use. It only serves as an indicator. Cards of the same rank held as a player’s hole cards are wild. There can be up to 3 wild cards in this game. It can be less if any of the same rank appears among the 6 Hex cards. Unlike most Wildcard Poker games, this game does not guarantee you have a wildcard.

Finding The Best Online Poker Site Using These Tips

Bummer Poker

One or more players are certain to hold more than 1 wild card in this game. You should have a very excellent hand to win. Like in Wild Hex, a high 4-of-a-kind is the least you need if you want to end up winning the game. Low quads and a big full house may also win if there are a few players in the hand and no raising. The nuts or second nuts can win in low games, depending on the board cards. Appearance of a pair is very rare in the board cards. There is no checking in Bummer Poker. You can only bet, raise, or fold. This is not a game to be chasing. You should have a solid starting hand. It would be best to fold if you do not have one.

One of the reasons why people love Wildcard Poker games is, of course, the wildcards. These are cards you can use to represent any other playing cards. Some BK8 games have certain restrictions about the use of these wildcards. Most Wildcard Poker games are challenging and fun at the same time. It is crucial to know the rules before you play because they are often different from the standard games.