Slot symbols and how to use them

The number of symbols that appear on a slot machine varies from sport to sport. Slot machine symbols can take the form of playing card designs or fruit. However, some of them are made to repeat the theme of the sport. But the changes have not only affected the appearance and design of the symbols, but also their characteristics. There are many special symbols that create other characteristics. Some of them can replace others, some can activate special options, and some can increase your chances of winning. If you're wondering what symbols are available when you play online slots, you can try them in the free slots. Below you can find out the different slot symbols and understand how online slots work.

  1. General picture - In the slot machine payout table you can see all the common symbols and their payouts. The more symbols that fall on a bright สล็อตออนไลน์ฟรีเครดิต, the bigger the payout. In general, symbols that are part of a card offer smaller payouts. The highest paying symbols are sometimes designed to repeat the theme of the campaign.
  2. Scatter - The Scatter symbol can be placed anywhere on the reels. The Scatter usually results in wins that are multiplied by the total bet, as opposed to regular picture wins, which are only multiplied by the bet per line. In many online slots where the scatter appears, this symbol plays an important role in triggering free spins and bonus rounds.
  3. multiplier - This symbol multiplies the regular win by a certain amount. A multiplier is usually an image that can increase the win of a lucrative combination. Some wild symbols can also act as multipliers and increase the payout of the winning combination they replace.
  4. bonus image - Bonus symbols are important for unlocking the bonus round. They usually act as scatters, and do not need to appear on the สล็อตออนไลน์ฟรีเครดิตto activate the feature. The bonus symbols usually intensely reproduce the theme of the promotion.
  5. free spins image - In slots, the scatter symbol usually triggers the free spins, but in some video games, an even more special image can trigger the free spins feature. In some video games, these images must appear anywhere, while in others, they must appear on a lighted payline.
  6. Wild Symbol - Very common in slot games, the wild symbol is similar to the wild card, which can substitute for any other symbol to complete a lucrative combination of images. In most cases, the wild symbol substitutes for all regular symbols, but it cannot substitute for bonus symbols, free spin symbols or scatter symbols.
  7. Sticky Wild - This image is an extended model of the main wild image. The sticky wilds keep their position on the reels and retain a certain number of re-spins. This gives you a better chance of winning on the next re-spin.
  8. Stacked Wilds - Stacked wilds are a series of untouchable symbols that appear in consecutive positions on the reels. Stacked wild symbols can represent a large image occupying the entire reel, or several regular wild symbols arranged in a row.