The Craps Game: Names Of Dice Rolls

The Craps Game: Names Of Dice Rolls

Craps is a simple casino game you should try. The rules and gameplay may seem complicated at first but if you play often at BK8Thai you can master it. There are two dice in this game and your dice roll will give a result of between two to twelve. Each outcome has a name.

Snake Eyes (2)

Also referred to as Snake Eyes because it looks like a pair of beady eyes. It is also known as Two Craps Two.

Three Craps Three (3)

People also call this Ace Deuce or Three. It is also the Come Away Single.

Ballerina (4)

A four is a two-two which sounds like a tutu, so it is also known as the Ballerina. People also call this Little Joe on the front row, Little Joe from Kokomo or Little Joe.

Fever (5)

Fever has verbal similarities with fiver. This is why it is also known as Fever. Rolling a five is also called as No Field Five or Little Phoebe.

Jimmie Hicks from The Sticks (6)

Scoring a six gives you a Jimmie Hicks from The Sticks or Jimmie Hicks. A “666 Winner 6” is when you win with a roll of six.

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Big Red (7)

The name comes from the seven on Craps table which is a large red one. It is also the Up Pops the Devil or Six Ace.

Easy Eight (8)

If you get an eight because of a six and two or a three and five, it is an Easy Eight. If you get four on each then it is a Mom and Dad or Eighter from Decatur. Other names are Ozzie and Harriet or a Square Pair.

Jessie James (9)

If you roll a nine by getting a four and a five, it is a Jessie James. The American outlaw died with a gunshot from a .45 calibre pistol. A nine roll is also Centerfield Nine, Niner from Carolina, or Old Mike. Other names are Nina at the Marina, Nina from Pasadena, or Railroad Nine.

Puppy Paws (10)

If you roll a five and a five, it is a hard ten and known as Puppy Paws, Moose Head, or a Pair of Sunflowers.

Yo-leven (11)

Many casinos and players call it Yo-leven to avoid getting mistaken for seven. Scoring an eleven is also Yo or Six Five No Jive.

Boxcars (12)

The name came from the spots on the dice that look like drawings of railroad boxcars. Other names include Midnight and Double-Action Field Traction.