Dice, in their standard six-sided form, is a perfect embodiment of chance. Studies show that they have not been how they look like now. The changes in dice’s appearance reflect people’s shifting beliefs in fate and chance. The advancement of technology brought various online gaming sites, such as w88 สำรอง. These sites offer different dice games. The history of dice is not well-documented, but several proofs show its origin.


Dice arrived in the first few centuries after the death of Christ. The Romans brought it into the Netherlands, but they were not cubes back then. Roman dice are not fair for modern players. They were a bit flatter than an actual cube or a bit longer. It makes the dice more likely to fall on some faces than on others. That did not matter to people back then because they believed in divine intervention. High rolls had associations of benevolence and felicity. The Romans regarded dice falls as signs of supernatural favor or a player’s fortune. Dice played an essential role in conceptualizing divine action in the world.



In the pre-colonial Americas, dice only had two sides, painted on each side. Native North Americans and Mesoamericans constructed dice of different materials, such as fruit pits, teeth, shells, split reeds, or sticks. The six-sided dice came into use later with an introduction from the Europeans. Some people believe that American dice games originated from sacred Aztec rituals.

Early days

There are early Dutch and European paintings depicting people playing cards and dice. Dice are one of the oldest gaming implements known around the world, but its exact origin remains a mystery.

There is also evidence of dice in Egyptian tombs dating as far back as 6,000 BC. Ancient cultures used dice not only as a gaming device. Rulers used to cast dice as a method of prediction. European colonists back then used dice for trading goods, food, housing, or even people. The exact symbolism and fairness varied, but high stakes were standard.


People used various materials to make dice. These include bones, lead, and crystal, silver, gold, wood, and marble. They also used ivory, glass, jade, brass, and porcelain. Dice were also available in several shapes such as a trapezoid, a four-sided elliptical, and a 14-sided shape.

Many museums house different dice. There are a lot of casinos that give out souvenir dice to players. You cannot get these from playing online games on sites like w88 info, but you can still get an enjoyable experience.