The Scenario Of Poker 99 Domino In India

The Scenario Of Poker 99 Domino In India

Casinos, Poker, domino 4k, Lottery – these are some of the words that we generally associate with ‘gambling’.

The Indian constitution defines gambling as an activity whose outcome is governed by chance or any activity that one indulges in with complete consciousness of the risk involved in winning or losing. Poker 99 domino simply put is the use of cyberspace to bet on numerous games with risks involved.

Online Gambling: The Indian Case

Huge population, large no. of internet users and a rapidly growing economy are the push factors behind an uphill growth of Indian online gambling market.


  • The earliest known legislation passed regarding gambling was the ‘The Public Gaming Act of 1867’. This act made a gambling venue illegal. But skill-based games didn’t fall under its ambit.
  • The Information Technology Act of 2000 empowered the Indian government to block foreign betting sites.

How To Gamble In India

  • Many foreign-based gambling sites accept Indian customers with open arms. These include prominent sites like Betway, Bet365, where one can enjoy betting on casino games along with betting on sports.
  • Most sites accept debit/credit cards, but the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) 1999 enables the govt. Of India to administer the exchange of foreign currencies. So, any deposit in a foreign currency comes under this act, and since online gambling is not precisely legal, you might run the risk of your payment getting declined.
  • Using safe e-wallets like SKRILL or NETELLER could be helpful. These wallets minimize processing issues.

Gambling: Pros And Cons

  • A prominent naysayer of online gambling, Sheldon Adelson CEO Las Vegas Sands Corps. Considers online gambling a “fool’s gold” where you “click your mouse, lose your house”.
  • On the other hand, online gambling will create many jobs for computer programmers or other tech-related jobs.

The Future Of Online Gambling In India

  • The Lodha committee report advised that legalizing betting will serve the economy well as it did in the United Kingdom.
  • With employment scarce and governments looking to enhance their receipts online gambling could be a viable option as it would bring large revenues for the exchequer, lead to additional jobs and possibly curb unlawful match-fixing and money laundering.

With Casinos in Goa already bringing Rs. 135 cr. in revenue and keeping in mind the recent developments serious headway has been achieved in trying to legalize Poker domino 2k in India officially. Meanwhile, people can still bet on a variety of websites that not only accept payments in INR but also offer indigenous games likeFlash, Passa and Paplu.