What Is OVO App And How To Deposit OVO Points?

What Is OVO App And How To Deposit OVO Points?

There are many mobile payment wallets that have come up nowadays. With the use of the internet and smartphones to simplify payment options, many partnering companies provide a lot of offers to their customers. Using a mobile payment wallet offers a variety of cashbacks, discounts and much more to the users. OVO is one such mobile payment app that is typically used in Indonesia. Aside from making mobile transactions simple and easy, the app offers much more rewards to its users. The app is linked with a variety of shops and stores in the country and any amount added to deposit OVO converts it OVO points which the users can make use of in partnered stores.

How OVO works?

OVO has 2 types of accounts, free account, and Premier. When adding money to the existing deposit OVO converts the money to coins where each coin corresponds to one rupee. With OVO coins, users can pay to hundreds of merchants in various categories like fashion, travel, beauty, entertainment and much more. There are also amazing offers that are provided to customers who pay using OVO points, in addition to the discounts and cash backs. OVO points can also be used to pay bills for internet, electricity, phones, etc.

The premier account provides the users with added bonuses and offers in addition to the normal ones available for free users. With an increase in the maximum OVO cash limit to Rp. 10,000,000, users can freely top up and use the app without much restriction. Premier users can also transfer money through pier to pier and also bank accounts without any hassle.

How to top-up points in OVO app?

OVO app is very easy to use and adding or using OVO points is very simple. When making a deposit OVO app converts it to OVO points irrespective of the method used to add money. Almost all payment options like debit card, credit card, internet banking can be used to top-up points. It is also possible to top-up points through certain merchants partnered to OVO app.

While payment gateways offer a variety of benefits to its users, apps like OVO that are country-specific are preferred more. This is because many local merchants and stores in addition to all famous brands are partnered to the payment app which makes it more convenient for its users. Users can have a fast, simple and easy to use method to pay for their purchases and also to avail services in no time.